Friday, September 27, 2013

From Values to Action

I often end my broadcasts of Radio Thrift Shop with this thought:

Take good care of yourself.
Take good care of your community.
Take good care of those you love. 

How often do I follow through on my own admonition? This is an intention not simply for the week, month, or year. This is an intention for life. 

Taking good care of my mind, body, and soul.
Finding ways to support my community - not just endeavours in the region where I live, but the various communities of writers, zinemakers, colleagues and radio folk that my life intersects with.
Take good care of my family, friends, connections I value.

I often fall short of my idealized goals. Sometimes taking good care means taking the road less travelled or saying difficult things from a loving heart. Making boundaries. Speaking your truth. Mustering energy. Embracing change. Supporting dysfunction is not taking good care of self, community or others. I need to summon the courage to heed my words like a mantra. Every day. 

Robert Bly once said that we make the road by walking it.


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