Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Intention: Broadcast on College Radio Day

This week's intention seems like a simple, attainable no-brainer. I'm already a DJ at WSCS Colby-Sawyer College, what's the problem?

Rumors and morale. The station manager hints that the college may be relinquishing their FCC license in the near future. These rumors have disheartened me because working a handful of hours a week at WSCS is the only job-generated income that I have at the moment.

There's Record Store Day, Cassette Store Day, and now college radio gets its day to shine. College Radio Day is for celebrating non-commercial music and the freedom of the airwaves. Many well-known musicians and actors began their careers as announcers in college radio. Numerous bands would have been unknown if it weren't for student DJs spinning their records (most notably REM).

I'm on a crusade to save the radio station. Instead of wallowing in depression, I dragged myself into the WSCS studio and broadcast live for four and a half hours. There's no way of knowing who, if anyone, was listening. Regardless, it was cathartic, even though halfway through my show a fire alarm screeched into my ears and emptied Colgate Hall for over thirty minutes before the "all clear" signal sounded.

Thankfully my intention didn't go up in smoke or down in flames. There are other intentions on the horizon involving harmonicas and bread. Stay tuned.

Here's a link to two hours of my broadcast today: http://radio4all.net/index.php/program/71512
And here's a video documentary from College Radio Day 2012:


  1. Good for you. Don't go down without a fight.

  2. Keep on, keeping on! And Richard Brautigan rocks!